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This Ultimate Decade Rosary brings together two of the holiest couples ever. It comes with a medal of  St. Anne and St. Joachim and a medal of St. Louis and Zelie Martin.  


Those who worthily venerate St. Anne can obtain aid in every necessity through her mediation." ~Abbot Trithemius


 "We know and are convinced that our good mother, St. Anne, helps in all needs, dangers, and tribulations, for Our Lord wishes to show us that He will also do in Heaven what she asks of Him for us." ~St. Teresa of Avila


 St. Louis and Zelie Martin, parents of St. Therese, are great examples of a holy family, and through their intercession, we too, can strive to become holy. 


St. Louis and Zélie are human models closer in time to us than the Holy Family. They are our great brothers and sister who said "yes" to their vocation. And we see that this "yes" is the source of many treasures. But they are also models of the "little way" of love that their daughter Thérèse gave us through the touch of her finger. If their life has an impact on us, it is for the hope that they put into our hearts, as in the Communion of Saints. If men of flesh, forgiven sinners, arrived there, then the range of possibilities is huge for us. They give us hope that our life, offered in love, is not lost but a fruitful life. We need such examples in our journey of conversion.



The Blessing of Children
A Couple came to the shrine to ask Saint Anne to obtain the favor of children for them. As they were leaving, the young woman asked Saint Anne if she would have children someday. At that exact moment, she saw a double rainbow over the Saint Lawrence River, and she knew then that God would bless them with not just one child but two!  Two years later, she felt called by Saint Anne to meet her daughter Mary at Medjugorje, and a few years later, after thirteen years of Marriage, they had their first daughter on September 8, Mary the Mother of God's Birthday. Soon after, they had a second daughter, and they hope to return to Saint Anne at her shrine soon! Amazing Grace! 


Miracle Baby!
“My son and his wife just had a “miracle baby.” In 1989, they had a boy, and in 1994 a girl, but there were then some difficult pregnancies and deaths at birth. When they learned they were expecting a new child, they immediately went to Saint Anne de Beaupré; they asked the good Saint Anne to protect it. He arrived in good health. On July 26, 2007, the whole family – and Jimmy, the newborn - came to thank the Good Saint Anne.


"Those who honor Saint Anne will obtain great aid in every need, especially at the hour of death." Our Lady also said to another, "The honor you show to my mother is doubly dear and pleasing to me." Our Lady appeared to a hermit who was filled with bitter anguish of spirit and prayed to her for help; Our Lady said, "Since you are lovingly devoted to me, I will take away all your grief and sorrow of soul, but I admonish you to venerate and praise my dear mother also if you desire great graces from me. I am highly pleased with the affection accorded to my beloved mother. Know too that my Son, Jesus, has promised to deliver from misfortune all who honor my mother and to assist them in attaining eternal glory. My son, practice this devotion and make it known."

St. Anne's Ultimate Decade Rosary for Marriage and Family

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