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St. Maximilian Kolbe is the patron Saint of those who suffer from addictions and this Ultimate Decade Rosary brings him together with his “Bullet” which is the Miraculous Medal a powerful weapon against the Demons of addiction as well as St. Benedict’s Crucifix who is the Demon Crusher.  


Saint Maximillian Kolbe was a Polish martyr who died for his faith. He became known as "The Apostle of Hope" because of his belief that hope can drive away despair. He taught that prayer could be an important part of helping addicts recover. He said, "Prayer gives courage and strength in difficult moments; it helps one cling to life."


Miraculous Medal

“This is truly our heavenly weapon, a bullet with which a faithful soldier hits the enemy,(The devil and evil), and thus rescues souls…Now in this epoch of the Immaculate Conception, the Most Blessed Virgin has given mankind the ‘Miraculous Medal’. Its heavenly origin has been proven by countless miracles of healing and particularly of conversion. The Immaculata herself in revealing it promised all who would wear it very many graces; and since conversion and sanctification are divine graces from God, the Miraculous Medal will be one of the best means for attaining these gifts”-St. Maximilian Kolbe 


Even non-believers testify about the Medal:

 "During the few days immediately preceding our departure from the house, soldiers said to one another: 'Let us go and ask the venerable Sister Catherine for medals; she has given some to our comrades who have shown them to us, we would like to have them too.' 'But you, poor creatures,' replied a Sister, 'you have no faith, no religion, what good will the medal do you.' 'Very true, Sister,' said they, 'we have not much faith, but we believe in the medal; it has protected others, it will also protect us, and when we go to battle, it will help us to die as brave soldiers.' Good Sister Catherine gave medals to all who presented themselves, and many, who belonged to the enemy, sent their comrades to procure them.



St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Ultimate Decade Rosary to Conquer Addictions

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