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This Ultimate Paracord Rosary is strong and beautiful. It comes with a drawstring black bag and a picture of St. Benedict, and on the back, instructions on how to pray the Holy Rosary. It also comes with the house medal of St. Benedict to protect your home and a color prayerbook about St. Benedict and the history of the medal, as well as powerful prayers to St. Benedict. 


St. Benedict was able to defeat the devil numerous times throughout his life, earning him the title of protector against evil spirits, temptation, and witchcraft. St. Benedict also offers protection against being poisoned, infectious diseases, childbirth complications, and destruction during storms and tempests.


Saint Benedict's Crucifix is very powerful. The Catholic Church recognizes the Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict as a sacramental of Great Power, particularly for those seeking healing from illnesses and deliverance from demonic influences. The medal is a visible sign of the inner devotion and faith of the believer in Jesus Christ and in his servant, St. Benedict, who acts by faith. As the medal is a prayer of exorcism against Satan, it is used to call down God's blessing and protection upon us through the intercession of the great saint. 



Not far from the city of Rennes, there was a Cafe and Billiard Room kept by a good Catholic family. For the last few years, they had noticed strange symptoms of the place being infested with demons. When. There was no one at the billiard table; noises and voices were sometimes heard as though there was a large party playing; pieces of furniture were changed from place to place in the house without any one of the family touching them; doors opened and shut apparently of themselves, and a strange noise was heard in the bedrooms. One Christmas night, the servant had gone up to the attic to get herself ready for the midnight Mass when she found all that part of the house filled with thick smoke, in the midst of which there was something which she could not lay hold of, moving to and fro. She screamed, hurried out of the place, and fainted. But these strange appearances were frequently happening and, of course, kept the initiates of the house in a state of continual alarm. They had got many masses said for the dead and had had the house blessed with the formula prescribed by the Church for these occasions, but up to that time, all had proved ineffectual. Nothing, therefore, remained for the inmates of the house but to abandon it, though it was quite new, and they had hoped to find it a convenient and comfortable home. A pious woman spoke to them about S. Benedict’s Medal and persuaded them to make use of it. They began by putting it over every door in the house, and immediately all was quiet. But they had not thought of placing the sign of salvation in the doorway leading to the cellar, and all the fury of the evil spirits seemed to concentrate there, so great was the noise and disorder which began to he heard from this quarter. The Medal was put there also, and the influence of Satan seemed now to be entirely removed from the house; not, however, without his seeking revenge by there and then taking possession of the person who related all this to the writer and cruel indeed were the sufferings which the devil caused his victim to endure both in body and soul. This person obtained, after some time, deliverance from this terrible trial by following the counsels of an enlightened director, who recommended the poor sufferer not to be afraid of the devil and to pronounce frequently the holy names of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

St. Benedict's Ultimate Paracord Rosary with House Medal and Prayerbook

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