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To Saint Philomena, God refuses nothing! ~St. John Vianney 


This Ultimate Decade Rosary brings St. Philomena with St. John Vianney and the Pardon Crucifix. These are powerful and prayerful means to obtain Miracles of Body and Soul. Through the intercession of St. Philomena and St. John Vianney, many people have obtained Miracles! 


St. Philomena is the most beautiful of all the saints that I know. -St. John Vianney


Saint Philomena's Knock

St. Philomena has various signs for her devotees, including a knocking sound when she is about to work a miracle. Whenever one of your prayers to her was about to be answered, she would playfully announce it by knocking three times. Just like St. Therese sends roses, our little Philomena sends knocks! So be prepared for her knocks when she answers your prayers!


St. John Vianney and St. Philomena 

St. Philomena, the heavenly patroness of St. John Vianney. He prayed to her for every kind of favor and made her, so to speak, his "miracle-proxy. "He used to take refuge under St. Philomena's cloak"and throw the blame on her," as someone has said for the extraordinary miracles he worked. St. Philomena solved his financial worries; she converted sinners; she healed malignant diseases; she worked numberless Miracles in answer to his simple prayers. It is said that the Cure' did everything for her, and St. Philomena did everything for him. "My children, St. Philomena, has great power with God, and she has, moreover, a kind heart; let us pray to her with confidence. Her virginity and generosity in embracing her heroic martyrdom have rendered her so agreeable to God that He will never refuse her anything that she asks for us."


Saint Philomena's Ultimate Decade Rosary for Miracles

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